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Have you ever agonized over getting your Pi-Star based MMDVM hotspot set up on WiFi? You need to create a file called wpa_supplicant.conf and populate it with confusing network directives. And, it is impossible to create one on a Windows computer unless you have a professional editor capable of saving UNIX style files. A lot of users have been in the same boat and there is conflicting and bad information all over the internet.

So we decided to publish PiWiFi, an application to generate Pi-Star specific wpa_supplicant.conf files on demand. PiWiFi will allow you to configure up to 5 different WiFi networks that will automatically activate depending on what WiFi access point is close by. We program a lot of hotspots and we also publish software, so this seemed like s good thing to do.

We're making this available for free for everyone.

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We made this super simple to use with cool features that we know will help you. You can save any number of configurations and reload them any time you like. So if you have a few hotspots (a lot of us do) you can store the WiFi configs for each one separately. Change and regenerate the wpa_supplicant files in a few seconds.

It also does some checking for "problem" and improper SSID names and warns you so you can make the necessary changes.

It is a standard Windows installer with shortcuts and an uninstaller. It's checked for viruses and code signed so you know it is safe.

NOTE: Choose "Jessie" as the Raspbian version for Pi-Star 3.xx. Choose "Stretch / Buster" as the Raspbian version for Pi-Star 4.xx.

Terms and Conditions: You are free to download and use this application for as long as it is useful for you. Please do not post the setup executable on other sites or repositories. Rather, please link to this page. Amateur radio software has a tendency to live long on derelict websites, and we want to make sure users always download current versions.