Custom Designed Premium DMR Hotspots

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get help if I need it?
The first step is to visit our Support page here.

Because we use the Pi-Star software, there are numerous outside sources of help available. Pi-Star is used by thousands of other hotspot users and is well documented.

If you need specific help from us, then complete the form on the Support page. We will get back you you as soon as possible. We have a full time staff here, however not all of them know much about ham radio and work primarily supporting our regular products. Using the form to initiate a support question will ensure that it gets to the right person who can help.
Can I buy one in a custom color?
We have lots of colors available already, but if you want a custom color we don't have, please contact us using the "Ask a Question" button below. Some colors may have slightly lower heat resistance, but if you don't plan on leaving it on your dashboard in the hot sun all day, there should not be a problem.

We usually don't charge extra for a custom color, however it may take 3-4 extra days to ship.
Are there any discounts available for quantity purchases?
Yes, there are. There is a 10% discount on purchases of 2 or more DMRspots. It is calculated automatically during checkout in the payment dialog.
Can I buy the case separately?
Unfortunately, no for basically two reasons. First, we simply cannot compete with the cheap Chinese cases out there. Secondly, a lot more time and effort goes into making the custom cases that it may seem. We would have to charge quite a bit to make it profitable to sell cases or any component separately.
Can I get another color that is not listed?
We can produce our enclosures in almost any color in both opaque and translucent materials. We do "Military Tan" and "Marine Green" with camo power cables on occasion and we also have two very attractive dark grey colors, one with silver flake in it and the other with gold flake. We even have carbon fiber and natural wood impregnated materials available. Some colors or materials may involve extra cost as they are difficult and time consuming to produce. The carbon fiber and wood materials are beautiful, but expensive because we have to change our tooling because of their abrasive nature. Check with us if you have something special in mind.
What modes do your support.
We support Pi-Star so our DMRspots suppose modes that Pi-star supports. These include DMR, D-Star, Yaesu System Fusion, NXDN and P25. It also supports cross modes like YSF2DMR, DMR2YSF, DMR2NXDN, YSF2NXDN, and YSF2P25. Please note that if you select reconfiguration, we will ship them "DMR ready" only. If you are planning on using another mode, your DMRspot will ship ready to run, but you will need to configure additional modes yourself.
How do I setup and program a hotspot if I want to do it myself?
There are many resources available on the internet and on YouTube that show you how to set up Pi-Star on your hotspot.

If you have never done this before, we recommend watching this YouTube video:

The video is 18 minutes ling and covers the process of installing the image on your uSD card and initial programming to get you on the air.
Are your boards and cases available separately?
No sorry they are not. Our hotspots are intended to be sold as ready-to-run fully tested systems. Our strict quality control standards would not allow us to be competitive with the many vendors already selling hotspot parts and components.

For those of you interested in our USA made premium boards, you can purchase them from Dave N5BOC on the N5BOC Store when available. He also has a very well designed Pi-Zero form factor duplex board available as well.