Custom Designed Premium DMR Hotspots

Limited Editions

Okay, we'll fess up here. We don't just like hotspots that work well, we like them to look good too. When we're not building hotspots for customers, we're working on new ideas and designs. While most of these end up being used for our personal hotspots, we occasionally make some of our designs available as limited editions.

Limited editions are generally produced in quantities of 8-10 and when we sell out, they're gone unless there is a significant demand that warrants producing more. They usually require more manual steps and more time to build, so limited editions will be a little more expensive than the standard models.

All limited edition DMRspots use USA made N5BOC Premium Simplex boards with internal antennas unless otherwise specified.
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Electric Blue

The "Electric Blue" edition has a translucent blue case with a translucent neon green glow ring behind the front cover. We added additional internal blue LED lighting plus neon green vent lighting for a beautiful glow that is especially striking in darker areas.


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Carbon Black

The "Carbon Black" edition has a opaque black carbon fiber case. We added additional extra internal LED lighting and blue diffuser that illuminates the area behind the ventilation slots. This provides a subtle but eye catching effect.


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Cherry Bomb

The "Cherry Bomb edition has a translucent red case with a translucent orange glow ring behind the front cover. We added additional internal red LED lighting for a deep red glow with orange highlights.

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Additional Options

Add a 16GB Sandisk Class 10 Micro-SD card with the latest version of Pi-Star fully pre-configured for DMR and ready to use.

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Add a quality UL approved 120v AC/5v DC 2 Amp power supply with matching color 36 inch USB power cable.


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